Think Safety First, Ian Thompson Real Estate, 2023

Safety is a Priority 

Many of us want to age in place as long as possible and why not we love our home and want to enjoy it.  However, accidents at home can be life altering so creating a safe environment is important.  Here are our Top 10 tips for making your home safer.

  1. Have at least one entry to the home that does not have steps. Some homes have stairs at the front but level access at the back of the house.  If that’s not possible another idea is a small ramp.
  2. Thresholds are best if removed or no greater than half an inch.
  3. Repair any steps that are wobbly or uneven.
  4. Program you home with emergency numbers, family members and neighbors
  5. If you have stairs inside your home have railings on both sides that are secure
  6. Have sensor-controlled motion detection lights outside your home.
  7. Eliminate potential trip hazards along walkways, uneven concrete is typical.
  8. Remove or securely fasten any area rugs.
  9. Install low pile carpeting or expose all hardwood flooring for safer use of a walker.
  10. Replace doorknobs and faucet handles with easy-to-use levers.

If you need a referral to handy person who can do this work let us know, we can refer you to someone you can trust. Please contact Ian Thompson for further support.